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I blew into the unit but a hair dryer would have been better to dry out any water in the internals.Then suddenly, the dispenser started pumping three to four portions of soap instead of just dispensing one.I guess they like the dispenser to randomly dispense soap. that way I have to buy more soap.Lysol Neutra Air Fresh Matic Air Treatment, Refill, Fresh Scent, 6.17 oz. first turn your Lysol Neutra Air.

For anyone interested in that approach, you would need to do the following: 1.I have 8 of these dispensers and each had the problem of continuous dispensing.In addition, pushing in the 2 projections that hold the soap was not a good idea.Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Air Fresheners products.

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After cleaning and after assembling everything works as it should.

The warranty will not cover any damage due to refilling the dispenser with your own soap.Find printable air freshener coupons for 2017 with daily updates including.Remove the batteries and soap refill. 2. Remove the screw from each of the 4 battery slots. 3. Pop out the refill liner while pushing the Eject button 4.The Lysol No-Touch Automatic Soap Dispenser is a low. defects have received coupons for a free Lysol No.

When the red light remains on, it means that the motor was either working too hard or had some other problem pumping the soap.Having read a comment about leaving it alone, I left it over night.

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If you are handy, it is not difficult to open the dispenser to inspect the wiring.The author is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or otherwise associated with the manufacturer of this product.

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Was very annoyed and left it for a while, decided to give it another go today and it is completely dead.

In order to make that advice more accessible I have removed over 50 comments that explained problems addressed in other comments, demanded a refund, or were otherwise not helpful to people searching for an answer to their specific problem.Simply turn it off and wipe off the underside of the dispenser arm as indicated above.I really enjoyed it and very ingenious to come up with such a helpful money saving idea.Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic Automatic Spray Air Freshener Starter Kit Fresh Scent, Features Boost technology for continuous odor removal for up to 60 days at Office.Find printable Airwick coupons for 2017 with. automatic and instant sprays, Air Wick is the leader in odor.

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Renuzit Air Freshener, After the Rain, 7.0 oz,. metered or automatic air freshener sprays and other air cleansing products to do the job for.

It could be an electrical problem, such as a broken connection on the sensor wires.It did not do that originally but it started doing it after a few months of use.I really like the product but the longevity is a major issue.

I am unable to take the unit apart because I only have one hand.The wires that tells the circuit that the pump has run are the green ones.(second and fourth from the end.)You can trace these and make sure the circuit print are clean.On re-assembling I placed a strip of flashband(roof sealant) across the inside of the unit over the circuit board to prevent re-occurrence of the problem.

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Sorry for being so lengthy but it should be able to help if you feel like experimenting.Proper maintenance of the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System should be performed at least once a month.Get two alternating scents in one awesome, odor-eliminating Febreze PLUG.

Dishwashers Problems With Soap Bubble Suds in Bosch Dishwasher—No Solution Yet by Tony Lawrence 121.In fact on once occasion, the motor came on and did not stop pumping, so I slid it to Off.Open the door to a world full of emotional possibilities with Glade special coupons and.I know have 5 full bottles of soap and nothing to put them in.

Beware of creating tension in the wiring unless you have a soldering gun to fix broken connections. ------------------------ My microswitch was wet inside so I wiped and cleaned with alcohol.If you have any problems that are not covered here, please address your concerns to Lysol so that they can improve the product and troubleshoot or replace your soap dispenser.Air Delights Automatic Air Fresheners, AutoFresh automatic air freshener for business or home use.

Be careful that these 3 are shorter than the 4 in the battery compartment.In this condition, the Lysol No-Touch may dispense either more or less soap than normal, and may dispense several times before locking up.With my soap dispenser each push of the plunger (which should happen once per dispensing) is easy to hear.Simple Maintenance to Avoid the Red Blinking Light Problem When you use the dispenser, get in the habit of holding your hands closer to the base of the dispenser, near the red part, to dispense soap.

I have two dispensers and have used both of them in the same spot and only one does this.You will find online coupon codes and printable coupons here on Canadian.If the red light blinks occasionally but the dispenser still works, the soap dispenser may not work properly with the type of battery used.

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